Saturday, 7 June 2014

Minerva meet-up dress tease

It’s just over a week until the much-anticipated Minerva Crafts Meet-Up weekend! I know myself and the other Spoolettes are very excited to get together for a weekend away up north, and to celebrate a weekend of sewing – I’m sure there’s going to be some mighty fine cocktail consumption going on. I also cannot wait to finally see the Minerva Crafts centre and meet Vicki and the team.

So what's this post all about?
As part of the weekend celebrations, Vicki has asked the bloggers on the Minerva network to make a super special outfit (using Minerva fabrics) to wear on the Saturday evening.

The final reveal of these spectacular outfits will take place on social media on the night of the meet up (14th June) and then subsequently on the Minerva Blogger Network and my blog, but we've been asked to produce a little teaser of our outfit plans to whet your sewing appetite.

So, as you can see here I’ve gone black. I’m using some of the hot self-lined Prada crepe available on Minerva’s website. It comes in a multitude of colours, but I’ve gone for classic black. It washes, presses and cuts like a dream. I experienced no shifting about and accepts pins like best friends. I am yet to start sewing this up, but I am certain I won’t have any problems. My favourite part of this fabric is the self-lined satin back. Talk about having a bit of luxury against your bits and pieces!

My theme for the evening is based on my favourite decade, the 1930s. If there’s a period in time that gets me excited (apart from Elvis’ gyrating hips) it’s the glamour of the 20s and 30s. The colours, lines, shapes, furniture, architecture…everything was so alluring and beautiful. I loved the women’s shorter hair, the dresses, the shoes and the flamboyance of a period struggling through an economic depression. This is a nice website showing the silhouette of 1930s daywear fashion. Evening gowns of that period, however, were typically cut on the bias and skimmed the body like liquid. At sewing school, I designed and made a 1930s evening gown in navy satin, which I should really blog as it's something I am really proud of.

To help me achieve my 30s look for the Minerva Meet Up, I have acquired a special pattern that's not even out yet (watch this space!), and one that with some slight tweaks I’ll be able to convert into a full on flapping 1930s ensemble. There will be floaty legs, bust darts, waist darts, a nipped in waist…and all that jazz (sorry couldn’t resist!) So with a bit of luck, I’ll be turning up with Leonardo DiCaprio on my arm in full on Gatsby mode - not Wolf on Wall Street mode – we don’t want things to get too rowdy up there in Lancashire.

Thanks, Leo. Pick me up at 7!

I am quite excited about this make and when you see it, you’ll definitely think, ahhh, she don’t half love that sort of thing!

Stay tuned for the big reveal next week!

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