Thursday, 15 May 2014

Cami, cami, cami, cami, cami, ca-me-lesole...

Title kinda works, no? No?! I did just overdose on a whole lot of home-made guacamole, so maybe the vitamin E made me think I could turn Karma Chameleon into Camisole. Rats.

Before I took my bum-bum to Brazil, I made this little camisole from some very special Mood fabric. I've been wanting to get into full-on summer making mood with some lighter, more feminine tops and have been spying a few camisoles cropping up in the shops.

For the pattern, I used the Camilla Camisole Pattern from Tessuti fabrics. Admittedly, I could have drafted this up, but when you're trying to get your bum-bum primed for the Brazilian beach, you don't have much time on your baby-oiled hands. Plus, clicking 'buy' on those patterns

This is a really simple pattern to put together and I love it. There are only two pieces, a facing and the straps. The back piece has two darts while the front is dart free.

I used this metallic silver linen that I bought from Mood during my trip to New York in March. I was so happy when Sonja spotted this fabric, because I had been hunting high and low for anything that looked like the fabric used in the S/S14 Whistles collection. Have a look at their camisole and gathered skirt for drool-inducing goodness.

The camisole is cut on the bias. With silkier fabric, it will no doubt give that defined bias drape, but I am still happy with the way this linen has worked with the pattern.

I cut a size 12 but next time I will probably go for the size 10 as I had to nip this in quite a bit under the arms. I'm not a massive fan of an a-line top, so I also reduced the flare.

I finished the side seams with a French seam - if you do this, it's best to check the fit first before you do all the trimming and stitching required for this type of seam finish. The facing is narrow hemmed and then attached to the neckline and understitched.

The straps are supposed to be made in a rouleau style but this linen said, um no, I don't do that and you can sit here for a whole hour and make me try, but I'm telling you, I don't do rouleau! Okay, fancy linen, keep your pants on. So, I just made the straps by folding each long side of the strap into the centre, folding in half and topstitching in place.

The straps are then attached as you stitch the facing to the neckline, so make sure you check that the length of the straps are the desired length, before you head to your machine. The hem of the camisole is also a simple narrow hem.

My little silver cami was much needed in the sweltering heat of Brazil. During our stay on the island, Fernando de Noronha, we hired a buggy to get from beach to beach. As I am the only one out of the Szabo Corporation who can drive stick, I got the awesome job of driving this little demon. Here's me and a slightly creased and sweaty Camilla standing next to my ride.

Hey ladies.

Camilla is a really nice, simple pattern which I will definitely make up again. It's certainly a wardrobe staple that can be used for warmth in the winter (yes, I love a Granny vest), nightwear or cheeky outerwear like above - bloody bargain!

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