Saturday, 19 April 2014

Shine on you crazy print: the Lola Woven Pant

I've been wanting to make a relaxed pair of summer trousers for a while. A pair that I could chic up with some heels, but dress down with some flats or sandals. My thoughts were pockets (always pockets), relaxed around the hips, tapered ankle - that kind of thing.

A while back I ordered the Ziggi jacket from Style Arc and there was a promotion in which you received the woven Lola pant free. Cash back!

There was a colourful display of bold prints at the SS14 fashion shows and I thought this vintage fabric, inherited again from Mr Szabo's Grandmother, would work nicely with the Lola pattern. I made them with my trip to Brazil in mind - hopefully Rachel approves!

I ordered a size 10 from Style Arc. If you're unfamiliar with this company, the patterns come in one size and you order based on your measurements. These trousers have pockets, an elasticated waist and a tapered leg.

I would say this is a very straightforward make, although a beginner may scratch their head a little over the pockets - Style Arc patterns include minimal instructions - be warned!

The only criticism I would give this pattern is regarding the instructions for the waistband. To reduce bulk, the waistband has a front panel of fabric that is NOT elasticated. Pictured below.

The instructions tell you to cut the elastic to your preferred measurements. However, that must be incorrect because when you apply the panel, you're adding extra length as you only stitch it to the rest of the band using a 3/8" seam. My first attempt failed and the waistband was far too loose. It could have resulted with me being inadvertently entered into Miss Bum-Bum 2014 in Brazil! Nobody wants to see that.

I ripped off the waistband (fun) and tried again. This time, I cut the elastic a lot shorter in length to compensate for the panel. Bingo! I couldn't find any mention of this in other reviews, so I'm either stupid is as stupid does, or other bloggers were like, yey, trousers, who cares about that waistband shit!?

Other than that, this is a quick and easy pattern which gives a really great fit. I didn't have to make any alterations and i was impressed with how nicely they fit across my bum-bum. Length was fine as well. The beauty of these trousers is definitely that elasticated waist. Call me frumpy, but me and Elvis are excited about elasticated waists - more grilled peanut butter sandwiches less button popping stomach constriction!

I finished the seams with my overlocker except for the pockets which I simply zig zagged.

I have plans for a second pair in a lovely grey Cupro that I picked up in Goldhawk Road. I'm thinking those will look nice with a white linen or denim shirt. Have you tried this pattern or anything from Style Arc? How did you get on? And more importantly, the elasticated waist...yey or nay?

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