Sunday, 23 February 2014

Dolly Clackett is getting married! Come sewalong!

I'm so excited to post about this today! Get ready for some love people.

Some time ago Sarah from Rhinestones and Telephones contacted me about a fantastic sewing contest she was planning as a wedding gift to the wonderful and unique, Roisin (Dolly Clackett Blogspot). If you don't already know, Roisin and her amazing partner Nic are getting married this year. I am so happy and excited for two genuinely fantastic people whom, I am beyond pleased to say, are now true, real-life and hopefully life-long friends.

Sarah's brilliant idea is the Sew Dolly Clackett contest.

Basically, in order to enter, contestants must sew a dress in true Dolly Clackett style from February 23 to April 23 and upload it into the contest Flickr group.  Roisin will pick the winners and announce them shortly after the contest finishes.

How fun is this? And to top it off, Sarah has secured some fabulous prizes for the contest:

  • £50 gift voucher for Berylune
  • By Hand London Anna and Elisalex patterns
  • Christine Haynes Emery pattern 
  • Colette Patterns pattern of your choice
  • $75 Hart's Fabric gift certificate 
  • Sewaholic pattern of your choice

So, come on #Spoolettes, get your thinking caps on, hop over to Roisin's blog and get some inspiration for this contest. I am without doubt taking part; Roisin is now a very dear friend of mine who makes me smile and laugh nearly everyday with our mutual obsession for all things Alan Partridge and Silence of the Lambs. There's not many people I have got drunk and tuck-danced with in my hallway. I guess, just these things alone pretty much sum up how cool it is to find such a great likeminded soul. Roisin, I love you, in a way.

From Roisin's blog: Happy Valentine's Day, No-one! Emery dress

I can't wait to see what you all make...mega congratulations to Roisin and Nic again. I'm so happy I'm going to dance. photos!

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