Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Good things happen on Elvis' birthday

First off, happy birthday Elvis! Of course I'll be jumping out of a cake later and singing him Marilyn-style birthday wishes, as long as he doesn't take over and sing over me again. Honestly, EAP, butt out and just eat that fried banana and pb sandwich I made you!

Yes M'am!

To keep up with my resolutions, I took a late lunch today and went for a walk in Greenwich park. As I mentioned in my New Year's post, I live right near it and I have been a fool for not capitalising on this as much as I should.

On leaving my flat I decided that I'd slow down my pace and not think about an end point. I had an hour to just walk and take in the sights and get some inspiration. And boy, did it prove worthwhile.

*If you're not a fan of animals or greenery or prefer it when I mainly talk about sewing then it's cool, you're dismissed :) Otherwise, yey, let's love animals and parks.

As I was walking through the park, I heard some really obnoxious screeching. I looked up, expecting to find an angry crow or gull, but on closer inspection I saw two colourful birds. As I looked closer, I discovered that they were wild parakeets! I couldn't believe my luck at this spot, although at the time they were being a bit mean bullying a squirrel. However, it was cool to see these birds in Greenwich in January!

This is a bad picture as I just had my phone and London is, well, grey, but there they are!

Next up on my Dr Doolittle expedition, I ventured to Greenwich Park's deer enclosure. Yep, it has Red and Fallow deer. Usually, when I run past they're nowhere to be seen, but today they were all out. So fabulous.

As I stopped to take a picture, so many squirrels were coming up to me to see if I had some lunch. They're pretty tame as park inhabitants so I got some good photos. I really digged this guy's ombre fur colouring.

While I was taking a picture of him, I heard more rustling. Looking up I spotted a FIELD MOUSE! I was beyond excited. I watched him for ages, but couldn't take a photo for fear of scaring him away. If you google field mouse, you'll see they are the cutest things with big ears and big black eyes. What a treat to see.

My next treat was a big pack of dogs out playing. One of them was an Old English Sheepdog who was just adorable. I tried to chat to the dog walker, but she was disinterested, WHICH was a good thing because as I was stroking the sheepdog I said "awww you're the Durex dog". UK readers will immediately get my faux pas. The paint company, DULUX, always had an old English sheepdog on its advertisements. So yeah...mega cringe at basically calling this dog the condom dog.

I had such a great time in that one hour. I felt so inspired and the fresh air and slower pace did wonders to calm my mind and make room for some inspiration. I thought about my Chanel cardi, how I'll start that and possibly blog the entire process to eventually become a new menu tab on my blog; I felt motivated enough to decline the sofa's sweet charms tonight and instead start on a sewing project; I even felt the courage to start running again and am choosing tomorrow to get back out there. I have an awesome running book from the lovely Rehanon to help me on my way.

Thanks for reading a non-sewing post, but all these lovely things seemed too cool not to share...I'm sure normal service will resume soon!

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