Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Down in the alley: The Spoolettes go bowling!

Just incase you left the planet last weekend, The Spoolettes hit the alleys and went bowling!

This was a long time planning. but we finally got a date down that we could all make and one that gave us plenty of time to make our shirts. Yeah, you read that right, all TWELVE of us made our own bowling shirts and I can't begin to tell you how impressed I was with the results.

For me, I toyed with the idea of which pattern to use but in the end I decided to draft my own. I was a little nervous as I hadn't actually worked with this kind of camp collar before, but it was all pretty straight forward and mega points go to camp collars for not having shitty collar stands to deal with. Yey!

I chose a hot pink cotton poplin from eBay and here's how it turned out. Excuse the toilet selfie.

What you can't see is my Dolly for President badge!

To break up all the pinkness, I added some animal print ribbon to the sleeves because as you know I love me some animal print! The thought of embroidery did not last long in my little head. I thought of all the hours I'd spend doing that versus making something else and decided to see if I could make someone else do it for me. Oh yes, eBay you deliver again! I found a great seller who makes these gas station style name badges, and ordered a 'Dixie Lou' straight away.

Simply iron on and bowl, baby!

Here's a better pic of the finished article and one that isn't in a toilet (actually at this point it still needed buttons!).

That collar looks pretty camp to me

So, that was my shirt for the big event. I loved making it; I loved the challenge and I got to test my drafting skills with something new. So it was a winner all round for me.

The bowling itself was one of the best night's out I've had in ages. I love the Spoolettes so much and it makes me so happy to know I have found such a wonderful group of friends through sewing. Seriously, I'm glowing just writing this.

A few of us met up in a pub to begin with. Here's Alison, Kathryn, Sally, me and Fiona. Check out those shirts! Kathryn's is actually made out of a galaxy duvet cover. Genius! Sally's is another incredible refashion, Alison was displaying some really badass embroidery while Fiona was super cute in her top from a vintage pattern. Adorable!

At the lanes, we grabbed our drinks (who are the Spoolettes without a drink in their hand) and started nailing those pins. Okay, well, some of us hit the pins and some of us hit the gutter, but seriously, who would Dixie Lou be without heading for the gutter, right Mrs Bee? ;)

We really had the best time. I cannot wait to go again as I want to decorate the back of my shirt. I ran out of time and inspiration for this and I hang my head shamefully. But, fear not, Spoolettes, I gots me some ideas cooking.

 Yeah, Spoolettes bowling shoes shot!

 Rehanon looking more fabulous than fabulous

 I would

Oh Palma Cristal you drink of bowling champions 

 Sally showing true bowling form

 Me, Kathryn and Mrs Needles

Alison perfecting her bowling stance 

The winner! 

The Dude abides. Kathryn drinking a white Russian

 Dinner in Ray's Diner. Thanks Ray for my yummy 
veggie burger and hard shake! Peanut butter and whiskey if anyone's asking.

This made me so happy. Oh Don, you're always trying to get with me, 
even when I'm bowling 

Sally kindly sent me these next photos and they crack me up. It looks like I like to inhale my beer!

For our next event, we're planning a posh frocktails night and I'm pretty excited! Head over to our Facebook page if you want to join in on future events with the coolest girls in town. 

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