Sunday, 24 November 2013

And we have a winner! My Big Giveaway Results...

Super pleased to announce the winner of my big giveaway.

Just to remind you, up for grabs was a MASSIVE bundle of fabric kindly donated by Minerva Crafts as well as a brand new copy of The Complete Photo Guide to Fitting, kindly donated by moi! Oh and some lovely Christmas fat quarters and thread for a lucky overseas winner.

I used a random number generator thingy-me-bob on the internet to pick a winner and....

<drum roll please....oh thanks royalist kitty whoever you are>

Congratulations, Marylou!

You are the winner of all that lovely fabric and the book! You didn't say if you were in the UK...hope you are, but please email me at with your address and I'll post all this amazingness to you this week.

And now for our overseas winner!... Kitty? Kitty? Oh... he's gone. But.....

Congratulations, Gillian!

Yey, my lovely friend you won! (A total honest draw, I promise). Gillian, I'd bring your stuff over when I am in Canada, but as it's Christmas fabric, will seem pointless by the time I see you, so please email your address and I'll post this off to you asap so you can get crafting some Xmas goodies. 

Thanks to everyone who entered! Only another 354 followers to go until I reach 1000...god knows what I'll giveaway then ;) 


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