Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Mississippi Delta was shining like a national guitar

As if you all didn't know already, but there will be a short hiatus from Dixie Lou for 3.5 weeks.

Hey wait. WHATEVER. I'm going to try and blog, instagram and tweet the hell out of my time in the deep South. I have the Graceland dress to show you after all right? Which, thankfully is finished. What? Oh yeah I still have to hem it. FUK. Okay I'm going to eat some rocky road, make some calming tea and FINISH it. Maybe Walter White will help. No, he's what has gotten me into this mess, right @Gingermakes?

Gawd, I hope Elvis appreciates all this hard word.

Our first stop is Boston, then to Dollywood. Thankfully, @lbreton is leaving me her bewbs there for a temporary loan. No way I'm hitting those mountains without some good mountains of my own. You get me? Hopefully the bombshell swimsuit will stay together for a couple of photos. I daren't take it to Dolly's splashpark though. Visions of me plummeting down a water slide, my dodgy zig zagged seams popping all over the place. Oh well, stiff upper British lip, tip my hat and bid everyone a good day.

After frolicking in Dolly's mountains, we go to Nashville, where I will be meeting up with Miss LLadybird herself. Excited.

Then, it's...




HOLY SHITE! After Elvis leaves me high and tired, we hot foot it to New Orleans where we meet up with Mr Szabo Senior to celebrate his birthday. August babes are the best. Then it's Canada bound for lakes, swimming, beaver tails, birthday fun and meeting @Gilliancrafts, @Gjeometry and @Aem2 in Toronto. I hope they will become our next international Spoolettes!

So, I bid you farewell readers. Oh and can someone check in on Don Robot from time to time? He's not taking this impending separation too well.

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