Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hot legs, are you still in school? Salme shorts.

I've made a pair of shorts for the trip and they're not half bad.

For this pattern, I took a recommendation from Mrs B and checked out Salme Sewing Patterns. A London-based company, which I had never heard of. Don't ever accuse me of having my ear to the ground.

I was really surprised at the quality of fit of this pattern. I made no alterations and I think the fit is pretty good. To be completely perfect I think I would take the waist in a little more, but that is something I can actually fix if I set aside some time and patience to unpick the amazing stitching-in-the-ditching I did, and nip in the waist darts. That way they could sit a little higher and shorter! *giggles like a schoolgirl*

Otherwise I love the fit, especially on my bum-bum, which always doth protest too much in shorts and trousers. It seems to find these agreeable. 

Me just hanging out with George next to a bush

For the fabric I used some gorgeous pink and white striped 100% Czech cotton I bought in Prague.

As I was beginning to make these shorts up I noticed that the cotton, although quite heavy, was still going to be a little see through and would show the outline of the pockets. So, I used some cheap white polycotton I usually reserve for muslin jobs and made an underlining. I then treated the layers as one piece. It worked well and now I don't have to always wear my tighty whiteys!

The rest of the construction was pretty straightforward. However, please note, the pattern does not include seam allowances so these will need to be added beforehand. I had a great discussion on Twitter with fellow sewcialists about the preference of patterns with or without SA, which I have been meaning to do a blog post on. Let me know your thoughts below if you like.

The shorts have a side zip using a concealed zipper and then a neat little waistband and button finish. I cut off a whole lot from the hem as they finish a little longer than I like. The way I do this is to put one leg in side the other, pin and then trim so that both legs are nice and even.

Ewww, George I think others have been here before us

The other good news is that I did make a muslin of these, which I just pin-fitted together (hence an inaccurate reading of the waist fit, tut tut Clarey!) and the fabric I used was the infamous 'Miami Vice' that I used to make my Victoria Blazer. So,when I get a minute I'll sew these up properly. Shit, what an outfit that will make when I'm busting out my jazz hands in New Orleans.

Here you can see the fabric better. Ignore the creases.

Me and George rocking it in some b&w

I definitely recommend this pattern. It doesn't take long and it's a really neat finish with some nice pockets. Go on get those hot legs out, this man is gagging for it.

Wait, do I have hot legs or not?


  1. very cute!

  2. These are lovely! I really like that stripey fabric and the cut of the shorts is so flattering. Can't wait to see the Miami Vice version! Having to add seam allowances does put me off a bit to be honest. The only time I've used a pattern without seam allowance is the Maria Denmark Kimono Tee and I didn't actually add a seam allowance, just cut as is and hoped for the best as it was a knit fabric. It worked out fine thankfully!

  3. These are so cute but OH MAN I can't wait to see the Miami Vice version! Hot! "Hot Legs" is so my jam!

  4. Let's chink our glasses to underlining!! My first time was on one of my Colette laurels, now i can't get enough of it. Makes every project feel fancy.

    These look great! I've only used Salme once when I was just starting out and I found the instructions a tad difficult, maybe I'd think differently now that I have serious professional dressmaking skillz...

    I think no SA be a pain in the arse!!! I don't get, why leave it off?? Annoying! Would be V interested to read more about it.

    You better post photos of that Miami Vice suit!!! Or else

  5. Woo hoo! Penny Lancaster better watch out!

    No seam allowance is a pain in the backside. It puzzkes me why pattern companies don't do it - it's easy to add on and 5/8"/1.5cm is pretty universal.

  6. Hot Legs indeed! Got to love a bit of Rod!
    These are super lovely!
    I'm in the middle of making up a sundress and playsuit from Salme and can't stand the no seam allowance thing! It nearly put me off making it completely. It's especially annoying on PDFs which you really don't need to trace off at all, I'd find it less annoying if I was possibly going to trace off the paper pattern in the first place but when you just want to cut and get sewing it's so irritating!

  7. Yes, you have Hot Legs! These shorts are great, and I love the shirt you paired with them. George has always been a favorite of mine.

  8. Stop it!!! You're so cute. I wanna marry you. Don't take in your shorts so I can squeeze into them.

  9. I love Salme Patterns, I made up the Sonya dress awhile ago :)
    Cute shorts, I read your post and was like who's George? Then I saw the last photo and I got it... silly me, it must go with the hair colour!

  10. Your shorts are so cute! Hope the weather holds a bit longer so they get plenty of wear.

    I much prefer patterns to include seam allowance. It's such a boring job to add it yourself, and I worry about my accuracy when adding it.

  11. Hey hot legs, are you still in school, cause I Love You HONEY! Those shorts looks rocking. You'll leave a trail of broken hearts in your wake in Nashville. :)

  12. Adorable, and I love the addition of the George Michael t-shirt. Your bum-bum is a delight.

  13. Love the shorts and you've nowt to worry about it when it comes to your bum-bum. I only wish I could say the same and wear the same cute shorts, actually scrap that; ANY shorts!

    Re seam allowance? I prefer not to have it. I nearly always have to make a toile and it is such a PITA to have to trace out the pattern (I don't cut into mine) and then have to go over it again and take off the seam allowance. Also, depending on how I'm going to finish the edges (which depends on the fabric), I sometimes like to have a wider seam allowance. I only wish those that do patterns without (ie Burda) would make it glaringly obvious that that is the case. I nearly ruined a gorgeous piece of silk chiffon because I hadn't noticed the no SA.......or was it just that in my haste, I hadn't read the instructions properly :-/

  14. The shorts are very cute. And you? You have hot legs. Never doubt it.