Sunday, 30 June 2013

Club Tropicana at The By Hand London party

It's Sunday, I could go get my groceries with the bags under my eyes, and I just bawled my eyes out at Tanya leaving in Eastenders. Typical tears from a tired alcohol-infused Clarey.

However, I wear my dark eye bags with pride as they only serve to show I had a bloody great weekend. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to attend the 1st Birthday Party of By Hand London.

I travelled with Sally (Charity Shop Chic) and we looked like a right pair on the tube in our brightly coloured ensembles. The Jubilee Line has never been brighter!

After getting the invite, I heard a calling from my fabric stash; a little Miami-tinged voice saying, "use me, baby, use me". No, it wasn't Robot Don tangled up in the swimwear elastic again thinking he was back in Hawaii with Megan, but that amazing 'Palm Tree Sunset' fabric I found in Rolls and Rems, Lewisham (yeah that place AGAIN!).

So, I thought, it's screaming to be made into a Victoria Blazer for their Club Tropicana theme. I started on this at 6pm Thursday night, thinking, you're a crazy cow because you're NEVER going to get this done in time (what with having to attend an awards do on Friday night at the Tower of London, dahhhhling) - BUT, let me tell you, this pattern is a DREAM.

In total I think this took me 7 hours. The pattern and instructions are so easy to follow and everything went together perfectly.

Did someone say Miami Vice?

I love how this blazer co-ordinates with my pop-art Elvis. Look at Pink Elvis, he's giving it the stink eye, no doubt out of pure jealousy as I am centre of attention again. Yellow Elvis looks a little more appreciative. 

Although I made this blazer for the party, I am actually quite a bit in love with it and will definitely wear it a lot. It's also booked itself a place on the holiday for sure. 

For the party I teamed it with a black lycra (yes, lycra) mini-skirt and vest for that 80s feeling and clashed the whole thing with some leopard print - bag and shoes. I don't mess about. 

The party itself was bloody fun. I had such a great time and I'm in love with everyone. After some important drinking was done we all ended up dancing in Elisalex's kitchen to Stevie Nicks' Edge of Seventeen: oooh baby oooh baby OOOH.

Here's a few photos of the day...I'm shit at taking photos especially when there are tequila jelly shots and cava to neck down my throat, but I did remember to take a few. 

With Fiona and Sally in their beautiful dresses. Fiona was wearing
a very awesome Lonsdale and Sally was sporting another incredible refashion of 
what was once a three-piece suit. 

The most wonderful Nicole Needles. I think she could hula in
her sleep! 

Power posing with the most gorgeous Rehanon. Look at
those prints side by side. What a colour infusion!



  1. It was the most amazing day! Like you, I'm in love with everyone who was there. And I'm definitely gonna make one of those Victoria blazers.

  2. Hot damn, I LOVE this blazer! Seriously so fab!

  3. I freakin' love this blazer!! Looks amazing! Bringing a little to Miami heat to the London scene, I think they're ready for it. ;)

  4. awweesome. LOVe that tropical print!!!

  5. Your blazer kicks arse, lady! Such a great day x

  6. Oh man, it looks like you all had so much fun! So jealous! :) I can't believe you got that jacket sewn up so fast. You must have had Don robot lend an automated hand or two. When he wasn't tangled up in the swim suit elastic that is. LOL

  7. omg you girls look fabulous! so sad i missed it! i am ordering my victoria blazer pattern RIGHT NOW!

  8. Such a fun party!!! Thank you so much for coming - and your Miami Vice blazer could not have nailed the Club Tropicana theme better! You looked insanely hot. In fact I think we all did. I still haven't taken the decorations down...(nor do I ever intend to!) xxx

  9. This blazer is by far the coolest Victoria I've seen yet Clare! Hope you get loads of wear out of it so that everyone can drool over it (not literally) and get jealous ;o)

  10. i could have sworn i commented on this to tell you how amazing the blazer is. :/ well... IT IS. amazing! <3

  11. I love your blazer! Is that another fabric from Rolls & Rems in Lewisham? If so I need to get myself over there! Love your photos of the patry too - looks like so much fun!

    1. Hey! Yep that was in the remnant bin at Rolls & Rems. If you go in on a good day there's some real treasure to be found. :)

  12. Look at you hottie McHotterson! These are fantastic. Brillo work doll face you should be v proud of yourself. America isn't gonna know what's hit it :) xxx