Monday, 29 April 2013

The Sassy Librarian Blouse Update

This is the crowd outside my house right now because I just completed the Sassy Librarian Blouse.

I actually thought it would end up hanging on my dress form for some weeks because I knew I had to correct that gaping back neck, which meant unpicking both topstitching and the seam line. Groan.

But by the power of greyskull I did it!

(That's He-Man in case you didn't know).

So here is my 'fruity' take on the Sassy Librarian Blouse.

Despite his cool photoshoot yesterday, Mr Szabo was too cold to spend any time photographing my new blouse, so here's me against a tree outside our flat.

The fabric is a kitsch cherry print and the trim (arm bands and bow) is a navy fabric with a strawberry print. I got both from Rolls & Rems (Lewisham).

I chose some light brown plastic buttons, which although not very clear in the pic, finish the blouse off nicely.

There's a back shot of the two darts I added to resolve the neck gaping. It wasn't the crappy job I thought it would be. I literally just unpicked the seam, found the centre and then played with dart widths either side. In the end I ended up with having to take in a whopping 3 1/2 inches. I then took that amount from the facing and sewed it all back up. It looks a bit wrinkly on the back shot but that's the effect from the release pleats at the waist.

And voila, a new blouse and the first me-made item that's going on the road trip to Graceland. The countdown starts as to how many garments I can squeeze in before the 26th July!

Dixie's Tips

Um, yeah, as we all know MAKE A FRICKING MUSLIN. Don't think, "oh this would be nice for the London sewing meet up. I'm sure it will fit." Nope. It won't. It will gape like a clown's pocket on the back neck. So yeah, make a muslin FOR EVERYTHING.

Don't be frightened to add extra darts that aren't in the pattern. They can invariably make for an added design feature as well as a good fit!


  1. Looks nice and the back darts you made are nicely spaced and nobody would know they don't go with the pattern, just like you said. Love it!

  2. Very nice! I must revisit that class, bought it in the sale too!

  3. Great fabric, great blouse :-)

  4. You look adorable! I'm glad you were able to rescue the blouse without too much work! I'm realising more and more that certain designers use a basic block that will fit me (like Sewaholic) and others take heaps of fitting work (Hello, Colette!) It's such a personal preference, but at east once you find a company that works well for you you can buy all their patterns and sew happily! :)

  5. Looks lovely! Well done for 'saving' it, you've done an excellent job! So sad that I didn't get to chat to you at the epic meet-up a couple of weeks time I hope! But I am so glad to have discovered you beautiful blog ;o)

  6. great job - i love the print. will i see it in person tonight?

  7. So sassy! We should make all librarians dress this well - I'd read more! See you later!

  8. Gorgeous! Love the print and thanks for the reminder about making a muslin. Every time I convince myself that I won't need one I always regret it, but I never seem to learn from that particular mistake.

  9. Oh Clare! I missed your Sassy Blouse! I so love cherry print- you look ... decidedly sassy lady! ~Laurie

  10. Nicely done. Love the collar part and the pin tucks and the fabric really suits you. I saw this pattern ages ago and wondered what it looked like when worn. I think you've picked the best variation.

  11. Ah, you finished it!!!! It looks absolutely lovely! I can't wait to start mine. I think I'm going to do the version with sleeves and the peter pan collar.