Monday, 11 March 2013

The wonder of you: my sewing room

Oops, it's been a while...again. But since my last post I have moved flats and went on a work trip, so forgive me!

My new flat is incredible. A wise move from Dalston (East London) to Greenwich (SE) has given us so much more space, including a whole spare bedroom! I can't believe it. And, my wonderful husband has let me have the whole space to myself for sewing and work.

It's still 'under construction' - as in I still need to get it perfect but I am loving it so far. Here's a little corner shot of my fabric stacks, with the new vintage stack from Canada ready to 'filed'.

My weekend was mega productive. I am working on a muslin for my first 'client'. My friend has asked me to make her a dress before she goes back home to Australia, so I am in a rush to get a muslin and fitting done. It's the first time I have drafted a pattern for someone else, so I am really up for this project. Luckily, my husband arrived home from Canada in time to assist me with some fractions - why is my math so bad???

Here's the bodice. I've used some cheap white cotton for the muslin and after cutting out the fabric, I used carbon paper to trace all my seams and markings - a good lesson learnt from Susan Khalje's book. Hopefully will make fitting and changing the pattern alot clearer. 

The back of the bodice with zip seam and waist darts.

The two together.

So, now I have to get my friend to come over for a fitting! Over to Threads to brush up on that me thinks.

I also made up a shirt muslin for my husband. I am making him a shirt from Kwik Sew 3883

He doesn't like the curved bottom so I'll be adjusting that but otherwise he was happy with the fit! Yey, easy client :)

I also started on a cool little t-shirt from Megan Nielsen. The Briar t-shirt.

I love this pattern - it has so many variations. I am making the longer style with short sleeves. Here is how it's going so far:

Do you know, I have never worked with knits before? In all my sewing life! I don't know why I havent, because I am really enjoying it so far. I ordered this cheap and simple coral jersey from Ebay, pre-washed it and it's been a dream. I am so pleased with how the neckband turned out. I was expecting some warping but it was so friendly to work with. YEY! Looking forward to finishing this tonight.

So that's what I have been up to. After the t-shirt I will be hoping to make a little dress to take to Egypt, using the vintage curtains with the Aztec print.

More to follow! :)


  1. Your Briar is looking great! I love the colour... and it's draping so nicely! :) COngrats on making the jump into knits! :)

    1. Ah thanks Gillian! I owe alot to you as your tweets were so encouraging and positive that day. xx