Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Knowing when to ditch a project and feel okay about it

Bad news I'm afraid.

The 60s knit dress has been retired. But! This is good for me. I really struggle to stop mid-project if isn't working and feel okay about it. I keep going and going and end up frustrated and with a half-assed garment I don't like, fueling more disappointment. So, in my journey in becoming better to myself and well again (stress blows!) I am learning to throw in the towel and feel okay.

Here it is, collapsed in a big sad heap. Sigh.

All will not be lost. I already have some ideas for the fabric. I could cut it up into little squares and turn these into coasters or parts of a future quilt idea, or I could make it into a patchwork cushion, or maybe a little purse - the latter would be quite nice. Perhaps a little 60s clutch. Ideas welcome!

The main reasons I decided to quit is because it kind of started to go wrong from the get go. My own fault really - I was so happy to have finished my pleather peacock dress, which I self-drafted that I think I rushed into a ready-made pattern not thinking ahead enough. Stabilising the seams on a knit, seam finishes (my overlocker almost ate this knit for dinner!), measuring the pattern against myself....I know...scandalous! But obviously good reminders for the future when working with ready-made patterns again.

So next I need a gentle project, one which won't cause me too many problems as I focus on recuperating and avoiding stress.

With a great recommendation from Cathy on Twitter I ordered a Megan Nielsen pattern. I need some basic t-shirts in my wardrobe and of course I'd usually run to the high street and buy them but I am on the pledge! Plus I have never made a t-shirt before so looking forward to doing something simple and easy for a change. No big complicated wedding dresses or faux leather yokes :)

This is my pattern of choice:

I am going to make the longer version of this, but the cropped version will be on the to-do list for summer/holidays. Now on the look out for some nice jersey to do the job.

Oh and look at what she's holding in the pic! A cute little clutch/purse. So that settles the future of the 60s knit dress. It will be resurrected! :)

I hope this works out, I need a sewing win.

Also, if you're wondering what I keep whining about, I have created a new blog about what's going on with my health at the mo! Don't worry, it's not too depressing :)




  1. I have so many half-finished projects; I keep them in a box just incase I ever decided to finish them (I never will) haha. I can't wait to see the new purse, the pattern looks really cute and good look on the jersey hunt

  2. It is ok to ditch a project that is not going well! And feel fine about it- I am sure we have all done it. Love the fabric tho and a clutch would be cute... ITY Jersey is my new fave thing to buy- I am swamped in jersey at the moment! Feels so lovely and hangs so nicely! :) And good luck on your new health plan. Hope you feel better soon! -Laurie

  3. Eh it is what it is. Make a pencil skirt with the fabric instead! Or one of Lisa's pleated skirts! Also get rid of recaptchas please.

    1. Hi...sorry I figured out the robot test at the end! All sorted...I hope. :)