Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Pleather Peacock

I've been mentioning this faux leather yoke dress (such a mouthful, it needs a new name so going with Pleather Peacock, although you can't really say that fast either) for a while now and it's finally done, photographed and ready to be blogged.

It's also my first official garment made within The Pledge! My pledge not to buy any new clothes in 2013 only make them.

I wanted to go outside and do something a bit different for photos but 1) my husband has hurt his ankle and I felt bad for making him hobble down two flight's of stairs and 2) it's already getting dark in London (not to mention bloody freezing!) so you're stuck with boring old indoor photos I'm afraid and I had no time to do anything with my hair, moan moan moan!

Okay first up is my attempt at 'modelling' this dress.

Strike a pose. I'll stick to the day job.

So here she is. The peacock pleather! The fabric is a very light woven fabric, has a nice drape to it but frays like a gooden! It's in this lovely paisley print but reminds me of a peacock. The pleather is a lovely soft faux leather, which was surprisingly cooperative to work with!

I drafted the pattern myself. It has princess seams front and back stopping at the yoke line. It's fitted but not too much as I like my dresses to have movement and not be too clingy. It's a straight skirt finishing above the knees.

I lined this dress because I knew the type of fabric would 'stick' to my tights and cause that 'riding up the butt' look. Not good. Now with a nice acetate lining it feels slinky. I left the sleeves un-lined to reduce bulk and sweatage!

My best mannequin pose.

Back view - see my exposed zipper. Love this. 

I used an exposed zipper technique for this one as I wanted the chunky zipper look. I am in love with the zipper I found on Ebay. It has a cute little chain and silver ball on it, handy for self zipping! The zipper actually sits on the outside of the fabric with the zipper tape fully exposed. I really like this look and works well with heavier fabrics like the faux leather.

Inside look - all lined and tidy

Several sessions of hemming (main dress and lining then lining to dress)

New dress to wear - yey!

For the Pledge I am keeping a nerdy spreadsheet detailing my costs so here's a breakdown.

Fabric: Free! From my mother-in-law, thanks Can Mom!
Faux leather: Only 9.99/metre and I hardly used anything so let's say a pound.
Zipper: 1.65
Lining: 3.50

So roughly this dress cost me 6.15 pounds (sorry my mac is American and doesn't have pound symbols!) which is pretty good for a custom fitted lined dress if I do say so myself.

Hope you likey!


  1. I more than likey! I lovey! Looks so great on you- the zipper added a nice "zing." Yep- worth waiting for and what a great price! I REALLY need to pledge too- I'd rather make myself something great any way and know noone else is sporting the same thing! -L

  2. You are awesome! I love this. I need to see the sixties dress too! You're gonna rock that dress in Amsterdam xx

  3. Ahhh thank you Laurie and Claire! So nice to have great comments about something you've made. I feel very happy I know you guys. Thanks! x

  4. I really like it! It's the kid of dress that if I saw you out somewhere in that dress, I'd definitely want to check it out so I could sew my own! (Immitation = flattery, right?) It's really cute on you!

  5. Hi Clare, I've had a look for a few beginner-appropriate knitting patterns on Ravelry for you, but I can't see your email address on here to email you so here's what I found:

    Fingerless Mitts ( Should knit up quickly as uses thick wool

    Bow Tie Scarf ( Cute scarf that's a bit different from the usual beginner scarf projects

    Easy Hat (

    Hope you might like the look of one of those


    1. HEY! I am so sorry I didn't reply to this, I didn't see it. Thank you so much for the links. I seriously love the bow tie scarf! x

  6. I love this dress. Fabric combo is genius. Now you are on a roll, I really don't think you will have any problem avoiding the high street. Everything 'off the peg' sucks when you know how well and original it could be made! You will never find anything as lovely as this in Top Shop! :-)

    1. Thank you! It always means so much to have a comment on here :) I really appreciate it. I really agree - I now look at the workmanship of clothes "off the peg" and it's rubbish with poor fit and finishes. I am a bit unwell at the mo and smack in the middle of moving so haven't touched my next project in forever :( But hopefully will be back to the sewing table asap xx

  7. I missed this post. I love you dress! and, again, you're so cute!

  8. Hi Clare. Have just found your blog. Love the dress. The style really suits you and the fabric choice is fab xx

    1. Melissa! I miss you! How are you? Do you have a blog? Twitter?

    2. Aw bless you! I'm good thanks. I'd love a blog but I really don't have time to do one. I do keep thinking I should do one as I may get done all the sewing that I want/need to do. If it's out there, I;d have to do it hehehehe. Am still around on TSF and on FB, but not twitter.

      Have to say I love your blog (I have been very nosey) and. I love your sewing more