Thursday, 10 January 2013

My vintage treasure chest my cool friend Claire says, fabric porn! :)

Last summer, I was very lucky. I went to Canada to visit my husband's family and my mother-in-law told me that she was storing all her mother's fabric in her shop warehouse, and that I had to take a look. She told me there was a lot but I was not prepared for how much. We went to the warehouse and the boxes filled a good sized room. It was heaven! We spent the whole afternoon going through yards and yards of beautiful fabrics, of all different blends, colours and lengths that Baba (my husband's Grandmother) had carefully stored over the years. She's in her late 80s now so I am guessing her fabric ranges from as early as the 40s through to recent years!

She was a brilliant dressmaker and lucky for me the same size as me, so I have some awesome vintage handmade clothes as well!

Unfortunately, I couldn't take it all. That would have been one expensive shipping bill. I returned to the UK a week earlier than my husband and I wasn't sure what I was more excited about seeing, him or the fabric ;) On his return,  he was a hero and brought back a massive holdall of some of my favourite pieces. I have stored it under the bed and from time to time I sit and go through all the lovely pieces.

Now that I am doing The Pledge it's time I started thinking seriously about what I am going to make. Today I laundered a few pieces to freshen them up and I can't wait to get started.

So I thought I would show you all some of my treasure. This might be part 1, as there's a lot more to show!

I love this. The photos are taken on my iPhone so don't do it justice. It's a thick wool blend with bright pink squares. I want to use one of the vintage patterns I have, perhaps a little 60s dress. I think this would look great against black tights, and maybe sleevless so I could put a cute 60s blouse underneath.

I love this fabric. Again the photo is a bit rubbish. It's a gorgeous burnt orange with a sheen on a rich black background. I am thinking it would make cool cigarette pants! Bit crazy but why not?

I have so much of this fabric! It's a very light, chiffon style fabric. So pretty. I would love to make a day dress out of this for late spring/summer. There's so much of it I could probably make some type of blouse too. Or I've always wanted one of those sheer robes that you wear over your swimsuit as you walk around thinking you're Elizabeth Taylor :)

Now this is cool. I have four pieces like this as they were curtains that Baba once had, maybe 50s/60s? They are in perfect pieces and I am thinking I may combine them to make a full skirt. I love the leaves on this and the colours. I might even be able to make a little strapless bodice to go with a more fitted skirt - or even a playsuit?

I love this crazy pattern. Again I have alot of this one too. I would love to make some trousers with this too, but it might make a nice holiday maxi dress. There's so much of it, I could do a couple of things. I see a collection coming ;)

This is one of my favs - and sorry,  I should have photographed it earlier today in daylight. It's a beautiful delicate pink with this pattern. I love the bird on this (again, should have put the photo the right way round!). I am wondering whether to make cushions out of this for our forever house or maybe incorporate it into the quilt I would like to start making? There's about  metre and a half I think.

This is really pretty - I think it would make a really nice little rockabilly top for the summer. Again bad lighting but it's a pretty pink with some bright red and yellow flowers.

 This is a bit bling but I love it! Gorgeous olive green with a sparkle but not over-the-top. It's a type of jersey, so I am debating even turning it into a t-shirt because I think that would look quite cool popping out under some outerwear. We'll see.

There's so much more and lots of different types and colours! Do you have any other ideas for my stash? And what's your best vintage find and what did you do with it?


  1. Holy shit balls! This stuff amazing! Can I come round for tea one night and just stare at the fabric haha

  2. Such beautiful fabrics- and with a story to go along. Makes the garment you make that much more special! You are one lucky girl!

  3. Ahhh Claire wouldn't it be great if you really could come round for a cuppa?! @sewexhausted...I know, I love that it has some history too, which is great for my husband as it's fabric from his Grandmother. Can't wait to start using it all!