Wednesday, 11 January 2012

This week's crush

Forget Kate Middleton, there's only one British Kate that I love. Kate Winslet. Even more so after having watched Revolutionary Road at the weekend. I don't know why it has taken me so long to finally watch it - but I have, and I'm in girl-love with lots of sewing plans for some summer clothes.

I couldn't believe how stunning she looked in the film. I've always loved Kate Winslet, I don't know why she gets such a bad rap from other women. I love her. Number one, she is a brilliant British export. Second, she flies the curvy flag and looks beautiful and third she wore that optical illusion dress by Stella McCartney the best, with Liv Tyler a close second. To be honest, I hated that dress. I love SM but that design did horrendous things to the gave this unusual puffed out almost cartoon inflated bust shape. Sort of like bust armour.

I am in two minds about using optical illusions on garments, for the purpose of creating a slimmer shape. To me it's counter-effective. Surely, by wearing the optical illusion dress, you're saying I have a figure that is not as slim as I would like, so I'm wearing this dress so that you don't know or see that. Oh wait, now you do.... hmm maybe I'm wrong, but as a sewer, I think there's other ways of dressing body types to create the illusion of a slimmer OR fuller figure without having to be obvious about it. I thought Kate got it super right, though, with the SM polka dot dress. Now, that was a totally sexy, figure enhancing dress. Yeah she has hips and tits, who wouldn't want those hips and tits, but she wears the dress perfectly - finished cleverly with a nude make-up pallette and pulled-back hair. Her face matches the dress well, with defined eye-lined eyes matching the silhouette of the black polka dots. I would love to try this dress on, as well as look at how they mastered those delicate seams on the sheer fabric.


And before I move on, google Gloria Estefan's attempt at wearing that first optical illusion dress...just because it's SM doesn't mean you look good in it. Come on people, use a mirror! Horrendous...and I'm sad to say that, as I spent many an afternoon as a child dancing away to the miami sound machine wishing I was Gloria. Please universe, don't grant me that wish now!

Anyway, back to Kate and Revolutionary Road. She was beautiful. Her hair was luminous cut to a great length, framing her face beautifully. I stared at her dark eyebrows for ages wondering if I could ever pull off the blonde look. I'm sure that's a resounding no.

The outfits I loved the most were her shirts, incorporating the wide turned-up sleeve. I noticed these used a seam (shoulder to sleeve hem) so that should be pretty easy to transfer to the pattern. I also love the collar - it's a feminine mirror of the men's casual shirt of that period.

I like the blue shirt on the left, but I would rearrange the buttons so that the shirt opened with more of a lapel. I would also lengthen the two front pieces so that I could tie them in a knot - just like Kate in this pic.

I can't find a good pic that shows the shorts she was wearing in this scene - but I can't wait to have a stab at making a pair. They are a white, high waisted short and look great with the tied shirt and sunglasses. I am thinking I should start up my yoga and pilates again so I get some toned pins to go in them. Unless Stella McCartney is making optical illusion shorts? ;)

My favourite outfit she wore had to be the cream/white dress. This made me so envious I felt instant repulsion to my slippers, lounging pants and big t-shirt! The hair, make up, gloves. I have to have that look! I don't think the dress would be that difficult at all and I am loving the cut of the neckline. I like the waist darts up to the centre of the bust, but I am not sure if I would do that. Notice the gathers it creates on the side, it might be worth sticking with a side dart - any advice welcome though. I am definitely thinking about making this for my wedding weekend. Something sophisticated, white and vintage to wear as I am mingling with my guests dahhhling - should be pretty apt for the old farm house we have booked. Well, if anyone is out there mumbling "less talk more do" you're right, I should start drawing up these patterns and instead of posting pics of other people, start posting pics of the stuff I have done...but first back to job hunting and application forms. YAWN. To inspire me, here is THAT dress.

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