Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Red lips hair and fingernails, I hear you're a mean old jezebel

Even Rod Stewart thinks red nails and lips mean that a woman is a bit of hoe.

But I love it.

Today I am sporting some Barry M painted nails in the colour 'Red Red'. I love Barry M products - it's great to have access to a cruelty free make up range that actually offers fun colours. The shade is a very bright scarlet red and I only needed one coat. I have had this polish for yonks, but have never dared wear it. Not because I thought it would tell everyone I was a slut but because my nails betray me. They are stupidly short, weak, uneven, ridged...all of that, and I tend to bite and pick them out of habit. But last night they weren't looking too bad and I took the plunge. Maybe it's because I forgot to put sunblock on my hands in South Africa and have ended up with them looking particularly bronzed (although not as bad as when I was on a scooter in Vietnam, forgot to do the same thing, and just had burn marks from the tight grip I had on my boyfriend's shoulders!) but the varnish looks pretty good. Topped off with some black Mac eyeliner and Barry M red lipstick and I am feeling vintage. Oh and as not to upset my boyfriend anymore today, a fabulous vintage engagement ring sure looks divine.

Funny how a certain colour can help create a style - or perhaps is a key element of a uniform to recreate a specific look or decade. If I wore a bright pink polish and lipstick, what would that scream? Speaking of pink, I'm desperate to find a beautiful light peach lipstick for that late 50s/60s look - wondering if I could pull that colour off. Any good recommendations welcome.

In much bigger and better news. I just got Andrew McCarthy to tweet my friend Claire. We couldn't be happier on this special day. Blane knows we exist! It feels like he's asked us to prom. TWITTER PROM!

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