Friday, 6 January 2012

Marilyn vs Jane

God, I love Jane Russell. I'm currently drooling over pics of her on google. No obvious clothes choices yet to remake, just a wish to transplant my face and hair to look like hers. I think she has to be one of my favourite sirens from the 40s/50s. I actually would go as far to say I like her a little more than Marilyn (but then that changes...see below), I think she was far sexier, because she looked 'dirtier', more real, accessible, more experienced, more together and less forced than Monroe. Not to say I don't love Marilyn, I adore her, but Jane Russell really looked like the definitive femme fatale, a woman who scoffed at insecurity because she knew how sexy she was and how great her breasts were...oh those boobs! To fill out a 40s bikini top like she did...where was I when they were handing those out? I need to master adding in breast cups to my dresses. I want that firm pointy look under cute tops. Goodbye marks and sparks t-shirt bra and hello perky points!

Looking through google I found this pic and I think it's breathtaking. (Coker, it kind of reminds me of you.)

I love that Hollywood were aghast at the publicity shot for The Outlaw and didn't release it for five years. How times have changed. Back then producers were too afraid to let sex sell so explicity and any women who did use and like sex in films were man killers and subsequently killed by Robert Mitchum and Bogart, but today as much flesh as possible is compulsory matter and sex scenes are more than just a static 5 second kiss. I guess the difference is, classical Hollywood mastered the art of suggestion. Think Monroe's amazing sequin dress in Some Like it Hot. You think you're getting an eyeful of boob, bar the nipple, but the careful use of flesh-coloured mesh and sequins makes it a tasteful and beautiful cocktail dress. But the suggestion is clearly there. Enough to make anyone's glasses steam up.Oh and now I am thinking of a young Tony Curtis and oysters and snails...jeez perhaps I should just get laid tonight!

THE DRESS! In colour. Incredible. Richard C. Miller's photographs capture a time in history that I so wish I could have experienced. There doesn't seem to be anything like that anymore. Looking at pics of Marilyn makes me care less about dieting and more about filling out my curves! I fail to believe that any man could look at this and not feel SOMETHING or prefer to look at today's offerings of waify, over-tanned celebs. I would love to make this...but this must have taken hours and hours of intricate's perfection. I would love to know how much this went for at auction. Her Seven Year Itch dress fetched nearly $5 million.

Oh Marilyn captures my heart again...I'm sorry Jane...I do love you alot, but when I look at this picture and think about Some Like it Hot and how mesmerizingly cute and stupid she is in it, I can't let Maz go. She's pure sex.

Off to eat anything that will make my boobs grow and my curves voluptulate (new word!) without cellulite, stretch marks and wobbles.  xx

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  1. I can't decide either... so merge the best bits of both women and BAM! Hollywood GOLD x