Thursday, 1 September 2011

Trouser trials

I'm on a mission to design and sew some autumn trousers. I've made the pattern, cut it in some cheap polyester cotton (working as my toile) and today I've been working on the fit.

I want a specific look. Low waist (not hipster, no muffin top please!) and kind of a cigarette leg. The biggest hurdle is getting the shaping right from the hip down to the hem, and then the right kind of shaping on the inside leg allowing for knee bending.

I haven't even bought my  actual fabric yet. I'm thinking of a kind of brown/bronze with a slight sheen in it. Something that will jazz up an old knitted jumper on a cold day.

So far, here's the cheapo cotton and my back trouser pattern. I've darted the back waist, but left front plain as may put some pockets in and wanted a flat front. I'm also thinking of adding a single welt pocket to the right butt cheek, perhaps in a different fabric. But we'll see how my nerves fair by the time I reach pocket stage.

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