Thursday, 25 August 2011

Double welt pockets - a scrap attempt

So, I thought I would attempt double welt pockets. I am planning on designing and making a pair of Autumn trousers and would like to include some pockets on the back. I found a really great tutorial on the net and set to work with some cheap polyester cotton.

This is the tutorial I used:

Londa's Double Welt Pockets

I think that it could have been a little clearer in parts, with WAY better diagrams. I think photos are so much better, but overall it was really helpful and it's just always better to just do it, and try and figure out any difficult bits yourself.

I've got a massive roll of cheap cotton that I bought specifically for practicing techniques and also making some toiles.

Here's the end result. It's not perfect AT ALL, but I rushed through it and didn't bother with accuracy as I just wanted to get the basic gist of the process. I used some scrap flowery cotton to show the inside of the pocket.

Adding a flap looks simple enough, so I think I might do that on my trousers with some cute buttons. Loving retro glass buttons at the moment.

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