Friday, 2 September 2011

Crazy for you

Just seen some pics of Madonna at the 2011 Venice Film Festival. I thought she look incredible and she looked so young, kinda a hint back to her A League of Their Own days with that flirty forties hair style.

Definitely wishing I had this whole outfit today. Favourite Madonna look?

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Trouser trials

I'm on a mission to design and sew some autumn trousers. I've made the pattern, cut it in some cheap polyester cotton (working as my toile) and today I've been working on the fit.

I want a specific look. Low waist (not hipster, no muffin top please!) and kind of a cigarette leg. The biggest hurdle is getting the shaping right from the hip down to the hem, and then the right kind of shaping on the inside leg allowing for knee bending.

I haven't even bought my  actual fabric yet. I'm thinking of a kind of brown/bronze with a slight sheen in it. Something that will jazz up an old knitted jumper on a cold day.

So far, here's the cheapo cotton and my back trouser pattern. I've darted the back waist, but left front plain as may put some pockets in and wanted a flat front. I'm also thinking of adding a single welt pocket to the right butt cheek, perhaps in a different fabric. But we'll see how my nerves fair by the time I reach pocket stage.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Winona forever

I watched Reality Bites last week. I was a grunge girl in my teens and I still listen to that music and dream of Eddie Vedder falling in love with me. So, I thought I would watch one of the definitive 'generation x' films again.

As always,  I check out the costumes in films. In RB I totally love her flat mate, Vickie, played by the awesome Janeane Garofalo. I love the short short fringe and the kooky clothes. Winona wears typical grunge clobber, long shapeless dresses, not much to remember, but the scene I do love is when she's in the red jersey vest top and sunglasses. It reminds me how great a pop of red really is, especially on brunettes, and I'm going to make sure I incorporate some more into my projects.

On the Winona note, I'm thinking more Heathers for inspiration. I love the preppy stuck up outfits they wear especially the shirts with the peter pan collars and either a necklace or brooch pinned to the top button. I'm thinking that would blend well with the current trend of sleeveless shirts, but with autumn coming up, it might not be such a good idea. Anyway, I love this photo, and here is my inspiration for today.

What's your favourite Winona look?

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Double welt pockets - a scrap attempt

So, I thought I would attempt double welt pockets. I am planning on designing and making a pair of Autumn trousers and would like to include some pockets on the back. I found a really great tutorial on the net and set to work with some cheap polyester cotton.

This is the tutorial I used:

Londa's Double Welt Pockets

I think that it could have been a little clearer in parts, with WAY better diagrams. I think photos are so much better, but overall it was really helpful and it's just always better to just do it, and try and figure out any difficult bits yourself.

I've got a massive roll of cheap cotton that I bought specifically for practicing techniques and also making some toiles.

Here's the end result. It's not perfect AT ALL, but I rushed through it and didn't bother with accuracy as I just wanted to get the basic gist of the process. I used some scrap flowery cotton to show the inside of the pocket.

Adding a flap looks simple enough, so I think I might do that on my trousers with some cute buttons. Loving retro glass buttons at the moment.

Going to try this again

Right, well my good intentions of starting a sewing/fashion blog did not transpire. But alot has changed, which should excuse my tardiness. Life has happened for me. I moved to London, live with the Canadian and am now on a full time sewing and pattern-making course. Life is wonderful. There are ups and downs, of course, but essentially I am onto a good thing.

I am learning alot, not just in sewing but in my life too.

So, I intend to stick to blogging this time around. I am going to use this to document my path to my goals - which are:

Dressmaking (to achieve clients)
Freelance writing (sewing articles)
That elusive book

So here goes.